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We give you the peace of mind that your Will is going to ensure that your beneficiaries benefit from your estate as far as possible.

At Finch Tax, we take time to listen to your aims and objectives and ensure that your Will expresses them clearly and in the most tax efficient manner.

Some of the areas we advise on in relation to Wills include the following;

  • Whether a Trust should be included to protect assets such as the family home or business

  • The transferable nil rate band

  • The residence nil rate band

  • Ensuring valuable tax reliefs, such as agricultural property relief and business property relief, are maximised

  • Hotchpot clauses if you want all beneficiaries to benefit equally during lifetime and death

  • Selection of executors and trustees

Your Will should be reviewed on a regular basis to take into account different life events and to make sure it is still meeting your objectives. We would be happy to discuss your Will and what steps you need to take to make it achieve yours and your family’s requirements.

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